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Welcome Home!


June 19th – 21st

PROJECT EARTH:  A Unique Co-Created Interactive Festival Experience
2 Nights of Music, Camping, and More…100% of the Proceeds go to International Relief Charities
Project Earth is produced  by “Be The Change” – WookieFoot’s 501c3 Non-Profit


Most festivals are jam packed with non-stop over stimulation for your inner Bliss Junkie to get its fix. Although we do love that… Project Earth had a different mission last year. To slow it all down and open space for the family to discover more of each other and strengthen our community roots. We feel, and have been told by you, that the more intimate setting in the forest was just the right medicine for the Tribal convergence.

This year we have even more ideas for bringing it closer and us all coming together. We are going to invite some of the most inspiring musical troubadours we know to come and create spontaneous performances with each other. This will be a super unique opportunity to be part of something completely new and experience creation in a deep down home vibe under the oaks.

Its our belief that our community has a lot of powerful connections to make and soul contracts to fulfill. The Planet and all life on her need conscious people now more than ever!  We are the ones we have been waiting for… and the time has come for us to rise up.  Trust me, no one loves to get their party on more than we do (it’s an Irish thing) however… it’s our hope to be more sober and clear at this crucial family gathering.  No doubt we will be celebrating together and more than a few brews will be shared …let’s just ask ourselves to commit to less and trust that it will be so much MORE !!!  Respect and Love… see you on the playground soon!  xoxo

Family’s are Welcome! :  Children up to 15 years old are FREE! – In an effort to have more families at the event, we are raising the “free” age for children from 12 to 15 years old.  It is a charity event, so if you would like to donate on their behalf, that’s great… but we understand that parenting is expensive and we really want families to be able to participate in this event!  (Also, please remember that everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.)

Just a reminder… in order to preserve the intimate vibes of the event we are keeping tickets to this years event restricted to 900… so please get you tickets soon as it is expected to sell out fast.  Thanks!


Project earth is all about you. join the conversation on Project Earth Facebook Group






The Project Earth Mission Statement:
The intention of this festival is to co-create a community celebration with the event patrons (THAT’S YOU!). We invite YOU to take control of your concert experience and transform it into a profound rennaissance of creative participation (rather than just observation). Project Earth is an experiemental convergence between a music concert, rainbow gathering, eco-villiage and political and social justice alchemy.

Primarily Project Earth is an opportunity to camp together and fund raise for charitable causes. That’s right…100% of the profits for this festival are going to help other communities around the globe. By taking the focus off the “main stage” and dividing the energy between numerous ambient performance spaces, an atmostspere of intimate spotanaitenty will unfold.

The idea is to focalize hundreds of ticket purchasing participants to be involved in everything from prop building, theme camp design, workshop presentation, performance, family activites, promotions, clean up, ect… It’s “OUR” playground… What can you contribute!?

Join us in on-line discussion groups and in-person planning sessions to help make art that is larger than that we can make as individuals. Welcome home!



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